What natural paint to use?

The best quality natural paints

I usually purchase the best quality natural paint from the green shop, Bisley, near Stroud. You can buy earthborne and Auro as well as their own green shop paint. There are extensive product ranges from all the companies websites listed at the bottom of the page.

 Natural interior emulsion and wood  paints

Green paint from green shop- Affordable and comes in semi smooth easy to clean finish. The Wood paint semi gloss is fast drying and durable with a soya bean base oil.

Earthborne clay and lifestyle. – Different textures and good primary colours. A amazing wall glaze for extra protection and easier cleaning of stains.

Auro 321, 260 – Simple affordable natural paint with natural soft pigments in some deep shades.

Edward bulmer- Expensive but superior strength depth and colour selection with stone opaque like finish.. Application has a method. It can be hard to achieve a completely flat colour if that’s what your looking for.

Graphenstone paint (organic natural paints) – Another expensive hard wearing natural paint with great primary colours.

Lakeland (ECOS) – A great verity of organic paints and colours id like to use more.

Lime earth paint – A beautiful superior lime wash, brushed opaque finish with great colours. Used on to synthetic surfaces and all natural ones too as it contains a bit of Acrylic.

Natural Exterior Masonry Paints

Auro hi grade lime – A white upgrade from a lime wash.  To be used on previously limed or stone porous masonry surfaces not synthetic paint. Can be tinted with ochre.

Lime earth paints – A affordable versatile masonry paint that can be applied to any surface. Great colours.

Earthbourne Silicate masonry paint – A hard wearing superior paint with a great colour selection.

Lakeland Masonry – A great paint with lots of colours to choose from.

Graphenstone masonry – Great colours with another durable natural paint.

Keim – A Expensive German very hard wearing mineral paint that has a very long lifeline and great colours.

Beek-s – A  natural paint that can also be used on synthetic surfaces a well as lime renders/plasters found at ty-mawr lime.

Biofa – Another German high quality natural interior and exterior paint that we would like to use more of. Also lots of great colours and ecological credentials.

 Natural Exterior wood paints and stains

Auro 935 , 250 paint and 160 aqua wood stain. The 935 is a durable white linseed oil paint that can be tinted ochre. The 250 is only just a water paint that is strong and durable. The 160 wood stain is brilliant for bare wood in a nice range of colours.

Linseed oil paint company – A great option for bare wood as it penetrates really well and will just need re linseed oiling for a long time.

Earthborne , Lakeland and graphenstone all do there own ranges of exterior natural wood paints and stains. They are mostly oil based gloss, sustainable and durable.

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