We are Lime plasterers as well as Natural Eco painters and decorators in Bath, Frome, Somerset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

Specialising in restoration and conservation of listed, heritage and period buildings.

In 15 years of experience, we have found that the majority of issues with damp, mould, and compromised walls stem from synthetic acrylic paints on the walls.

They tend to vapour seal the interior of your house sealing plasterboars or old walls which can degrade stone walls and lime mortars and plasters. Anything that releases water vapour such as, a kettle, cooking, breathing, washing, builds up in the home. If there is no escape this can increase air borne pollutants, mould and pathogens affecting health and well being.

We have made it our mission to only use the best natural paints and plasters that are microporous and hygroscopic, made from natural minerals and binders with low VOCs, maintaining healthy humidity levels and improved air quality.

Some of the work we do

Interior and exterior painting including all masonry, wood and furniture paints- Chalk, clay, lime and linseed oil paints.

Lime plastering, including all natural hydraulic limes and fat lime putty plasters, mortars and renders.

Wooden/stone floor restoration – sanding, oiling, waxing and polishing.

Insulation of walls and floors using any natural insulation including; wood fibre board, cork board, cork plaster, lime hemp plaster and hempcrete.

Retrofitting listed building in Bath with woodfibre

Exterior stone wall –  Lime pointing, Lime washing, rendering and small bits of general building.

Damp problem solving and treatment using Lime based paints mortars and plasters.

Lime plaster on hempcrete in Frome

We are committed to health, wellbeing and humidity regulation in homes.

Natural paints and lime plasters are hygroscopic which allow the regulation and movement of moisture through the fabric of the home improving air quality and preventing mould which gives a healthy air quality and environment to the home.

Sustainable and responsibly sourced

Natural paints are produced within a natural cycle, are biodegradable and do not have acrylic plastics, synthetic hardeners, driers and petrochemicals in them. Unlike most paints they can be composted and washed in the sink without polluting the water. Lime putty plasters are 100% carbon efficient in there life cycle.

Child and allergy friendly

Anyone with chemical sensitivities or a weak immune system will benefit from using natural paints and lime plasters due to no chemical irritants being released. Also the continual carbonation of lime plaster and paints helps the quality of air in homes.

Versatile, creative and fun to use

They create a dry and colourful finish in a home. Natural Fibres, hairs, pigments and other minerals can be added to give varied colours and textures, greater strength and longevity.

Improved insulation

Using, wood fibre board, cork boards and plaster, a new fibrous breathaplaster, hemp plaster, and hempcrete all improving the thermal mass of a home regulating heat and keeping us warm. They work in with the breath-ability of natural paints.

We are committed to sustainable development. We aim to use the most sustainable, ethically produced, renewable, toxic free and best quality natural paints, plasters and materials we can.

 I will provide a variety of colour books on estimating and quoting work.

Experienced decorating with care, honesty and reliability in your environment.

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Auro video – How to recognise a real natural paint