The old rectory, Nunney

Project Type

Renovation and Finishes


May 2022 – August 2022


Decorating Consultant & Team


Somerset, UK

A complete renovation of the listed and derelict old rectory- turned elderly care home- turned family home. The walls were crumbling from being suffocated by conventional plastic paints. Ceilings were deteriorating, and we had to strip back much of the mouldy walls.

The clients wanted to return the building back to its former glory, with an ecological, designer twist. The spec was to use environmentally sound paints that would allow breath-ability and prevent damp and mould. Hi grade lime washes and clay based paints were applied by brush to create gorgeous suede like textures.

Our team consulted them on some more suitable paints and was able to colour match, when the architects presented us with some not so ecological paints. A very satisfying job as our client was creative and visionary with a lot of flexibility.

Most of the rooms and woodwork were in a really bad state

Bauwerk Limewash paints were used in many rooms.