Loft extension with lime plastered chimney stack

Loft extension with lime plastered chimney stack

The client wanted a natural finish for their loft extension, he asked us if we could lime plaster onto a brick chimney in Warminster. We used fat lime putty with hemp fibre to introduce more thermal mass and insulation to the room. As well as providing humidity regulation, helping to prevent condensation and mould formation in the room.

This particular finish was smooth and creamy with small flecks of hemp fibre showing through like gold flakes, and the client loved this and decided to keep the wall unpainted showing the natural tone.

bare brick chimney before lime plastering

Hempcrete extension in Frome

Lime plaster and earthborn on a Hempcrete extension, Frome

Our client was an adventurous self builder who completed a hempcrete extension in Frome by himself and contracted our team for the plastering and rendering.

Project Type
Plastering and Rendering

April 2022 to May 2022


Painted lime plastered hempcrete walls

Hempcrete is a carbon negative building material made of hemp fibre and NHL – with the added benefit of being highly insulative and vapour permeable – making it a perfect base for natural lime plaster.

We used lime putty plaster with hemp fibre added for a base coat onto the walls. For the plasterboard ceiling we used blue grit grip coat due to client needing to save money and applied Mike Wyes Heritage Plaster.

Lime plastering onto wood, plasterboard, hempcrete and stone

The hempcrete extension had variety of substrates to lime plaster

The old rectory, Nunney

Project Type

Renovation and Finishes


May 2022 – August 2022


Decorating Consultant & Team


Somerset, UK

A complete renovation of the listed and derelict old rectory- turned elderly care home- turned family home. The walls were crumbling from being suffocated by conventional plastic paints. Ceilings were deteriorating, and we had to strip back much of the mouldy walls.

The clients wanted to return the building back to its former glory, with an ecological, designer twist. The spec was to use environmentally sound paints that would allow breath-ability and prevent damp and mould. Hi grade lime washes and clay based paints were applied by brush to create gorgeous suede like textures.

Our team consulted them on some more suitable paints and was able to colour match, when the architects presented us with some not so ecological paints. A very satisfying job as our client was creative and visionary with a lot of flexibility.

Most of the rooms and woodwork were in a really bad state

Bauwerk Limewash paints were used in many rooms.

Internal Hemp lime plaster on to stone in a old terrace house in Frome

Most of the gypsum had been removed from the walls. A 2.5 thick coarse Ty-Mawr hemp fat lime plaster was used. Mixed up with pozollan added to speed the set time because time was precious to lay the floor. A fine and super fine mix was put on top 5-6 days later. Two coats and only 4 days work. – Plaster boarding and gypsum probably would have taken longer! Phone was down and finishing pics to come soon.

2019-Lords mead

Back at lords mead cottage for more Lime restoration from a new owner.

listed property painting

This property Was originally painted in a lime wash with other coatings added. We used the auro hi grade lime that needed three coats and a lot of scaffolding.

Old shop lime plastering and wooden floor restoration

This was a interesting job. The owner had interesting plasters with a few left to use. Here there is a background fill coat of adaptavates breatha-plaster on to gypsum made to level the previously hollow partitioned wall covered and filled with wood wool board. Then Ty-Mawr hemp lime plaster. A finishing two cotes of mike wye fine lime plaster was used to finish on top. Note the walls and window are south facing  with a large thermal mass can distribute heat and keep a steady temperature.

The wooden floors were a big job. Old nail gunned wooden boards were laid over the old Pine boards A dark old bitumen was used all round the edges from when people could not afford full roomed carpets and would paint the outside. Nails removed, belt sander removal of  around 4mm. Edging sander. Osmo oil/ wax finish. There was upstairs too. More pics to come soon!