Naturally insulate your home

Retro fit on internal masonry walls

We install wood fibre boards on internal walls in Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire.

This retrofit system using wood fibre boards is suitable for all external wall internal masonry walls. It has huge insulation benefits to a room and house and offers some sound proofing. Generally if the wall is not lime and is plaster board or gypsum it is removed to stone or brick then levelled with a NHL mortar before being stuck with the required thickness of boards. It is then plastered over with a consolidation mortar and a couple of coats of NHL plaster.

Wood fibre board on lime plastered wall
Wood fibre on a Grade two listed external wall in Bath where the old fat lime plaster was removed to stone. It has been levelled with nhl mortar prior to 40mm STEICO insulation boards stuck on.

Benefits of using wood fibre board

Breathable – Is high vapor permeable any vapor can move through and escape to the outside and be absorbed with lime mortar, stone or brick.

Easy to work with- Easy to cut and not toxic for the skin or work environment.

Sustainable- Made with recycled and sustainably planted timber.

Effective thermal protection – has a high thermal storage capacity keeping rooms warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Carbon locking- trees capture carbon from the natural environment which is then stored in wood and then added to buildings preventing more loss of carbon through using extra gas or fuel to heat a home.

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