Lime Plastering/Rendering/Pointing

My favourite lime Plasters and Renders


Hemp lime plaster on to a interior stone wall

Lime plasters contribute to a low carbon footprint. A hydraulic lime (NHL) will reabsorb around 50% of the carbon during set, where as a non hydraulic fat lime putty will absorb 100% and more during its reaction with air and moisture. Hydraulic limes harden quickly and more over time. Fat lime putty’s can be adapted to do a hydraulic set in areas such as external wet sides of homes or increased hardening and speed of set, because of a added fired clay called pozzolans. Most of these plasters can be used on to brick, stone cement, gypsum, wood fibre boards cork board and lath depending on condition’s.

Insulating Lime plasters/Renders

  • Ty-mawr Lime Hemp – Course and fine hydraulic and non hydraulic fat lime hemp internal plaster – This plaster can be added at up to 3cm and can be finished smooth with the fine and superfine plaster. Dry times for overcoat vary from the fat lime to the hydraulic but approx 5-8 days depending on conditions. Technical guide – File-1559643599
  • Adaptivates¬† breatha-plaster – A great fibrous internal plaster. A quick to use plaster with up to 2cm thick per coat. Overcoat at the end of day or next. Can be finished smooth with slight texture in grey.

  • Secil Eco cork insulating plaster/render– This is a cork based hydraulic plaster that can be used interior/exterior surfaces. Can be used in conjunction with their consolidation mortar and cork insulation boards. Used at a thickness of up to 2cm finishes coarse and can be over coated with most finishing plasters fairly quickly. Technical guide – File-1510738100


Traditional Finishing Lime Plasters/Renders

  • Mike wye Heritage and Regency lime putty plaster – A great smooth interior fat lime plaster that is used on even surfaces up to 4mm thick. Undercoat of dg27 is needed on to gypsum and mixed backgrounds. The beauty of the Regency top coat plaster is a smoothish stony finish that does not need painting due to marble added to the mix. A verity of pigments can be added and a colour chart of existing colours is available.
  • Lime putty mortar– A sandy quick lime mix that can have hair added. To be used on lath board or external stonework with a pozzolan added. Pigments can be added to match existing stone or mortar. Its built up in layers of 15mm scratch and flow coat or pointed.
  • Ty-Mawr – Lime top coat finishing plaster – A superior fine and superfine internal/external plaster non hydraulic. Used on top of the base coat plaster that can be haired/un haired for scratch and flow coats. Used inside and out on lath, brick and stone. –