Old shop lime plastering and wooden floor restoration

This was a interesting job. The owner had interesting plasters with a few left to use. Here there is a background fill coat of adaptavates breatha-plaster on to gypsum made to level the previously hollow partitioned wall covered and filled with wood wool board. Then Ty-Mawr hemp lime plaster. A finishing two cotes of mike wye fine lime plaster was used to finish on top. Note the walls and window are south facing  with a large thermal mass can distribute heat and keep a steady temperature.

The wooden floors were a big job. Old nail gunned wooden boards were laid over the old Pine boards A dark old bitumen was used all round the edges from when people could not afford full roomed carpets and would paint the outside. Nails removed, belt sander removal of  around 4mm. Edging sander. Osmo oil/ wax finish. There was upstairs too. More pics to come soon!