Gypsy wagons

DSCN5483 P1020376

The wagons were a great project because it allowed me to play more with different pigments.

They are rented out for the summer months and after the last paint job needed a refurbish. On the exterior under carriage the previous painter just pasted paint on top of some beautiful coloured paintwork without cleaning,  using a undercoat or sanding. This meant scraping back most of the paint which was time consuming and fiddly.

We used contrasting warm colours. On the interiors and exteriors we used the Auro 253 white undercoat and Auro 250 cream gloss. The Auro colours were adapted. In the green wagon some yellow ocher was added to soften the very light cream. In the red wagon interior some yellow/orange pigments were added to both paints to give warm glow. All the other bright colours  were ratios of pigment mixed with the paint saving money on buying different pots of paint and paint that we were using. The yellow exterior undercarriage was matched to the previous paint saving time on no more than two coats. We added some colour effects giving a vibrant appearance.